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Radio Comparisons

Now you can compare various brands of two way radios side by side, and compare not only features but prices as well.

Extended Battery Life

Did you know that you could extend the life of your battery up to 5 times, simply by using the right charger for your brand of radio?

Monthly Specials

This months specials from Corporate Communication Services Pty Ltd for our rental, sales and repair divisions.

Trunk Radio Systems

Corporate Communication Services Pty Ltd have radio systems to suit a small business or enterprise requiring multiple channels, or talk groups, for either short or medium haul communications. For trunk radio communication system sales enquiries, please our Sales Division.

New and Used equipment available:

From time to time we have access to such equipment as:
  • Motorola Quantars
  • Controllers
  • Motorola MTR-2000 repeaters
  • Motorola MSF-5000 repeaters
  • EF Johnson repeaters
  • Complete UHF, VHF, and 800Mhz systems
  • Combining, RX Multicouplers and spare controllers.

If your interested in trunk radio system equipment please send us an email and we will source the equipment, for you.

Philips trunk radio systemPhilips Rack Unit Radio System

The Philips trunk radio system was designed for motor race circuit control communications where reliability and clarity of transmission has been of utmost importance.

The radio system is housed in an enclosed 19” rack with a Perspex front door and measures 2000mm high x 570mm wide x 640mm deep. The layout and drawings of the system are attached.

The trunk radio system will be re-configured and tuned up to suit the prospective user’s application.

For More information Please contact our Sales Division

Trunk Radio System Details

  • This trunk radio system comprises four 50-Watt UHF Philips PRF15 repeaters operating in the 500Mhz band, four repeater controllers, power supplies, and multi-coupling to allow the unit to work into one antenna system.
  • Each repeater can be configured via programming the repeater controller to handle a single channel or multiple channels in a “community” arrangement.
  • The radio system has built in battery back up that will allow seamless operation for, at least, 4 hours in the event of a power failure. The equipment is fully protected from mains spikes, brown-outs and interruptions as well as employing lightning protection in the antenna circuit.

LTR Specification

A second radio system, for sale, is a 4 channel Logic Trunking Radio (LTR) system. (Photos and drawings can be supplied to interested parties)

Cabinet: 27RU 600mm x 700mm MFB steel cabinet.

4 x Motorola MXD1500 (Spectra Engineering MX800)

Maximum Repeater Transmit power output = 50Watt (+47dBm)

Repeater receive sensitivity = 0.2uV (-117dBm)

Repeater Controllers:  Trident LTR controllers
Transmit Multicoupling: TxRx Broadband Hybrids with bandpass window
Receive Multicoupling: TxRx Receive amplifier and receive splitter with bandpass window
Note: The transmit and receive bandpass windows are connected as a duplexer to enable the use of a single transmit/receive antenna. Independent Transmit and receive antennae can also be connected.
Power supply: 2 x 43 Amp 13.8V Cosel switch-mode power supplies.
Battery Backup: 2 x 100Ah 12V National Panasonic sealed batteries