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Wirless Two Way Sports Communications

Driver Helmet Kits

Digicom hands free sports communicatorCoaches Encrypted Sports Communications

Tim Sheens – NRL West Tigers Head Coach
“I’m tired of picking up Truckies and Taxi Drivers on game day, so we are looking at the Digicom system from overseas that is a closed channel, 2 way system with an open mike and it is working really well.”

Digicom is a hands-free wireless sports communicator that allows coaches to talk simultaneously.

The Digicom sports communication system has no buttons to push every time you want to talk, as it is constantly transmitting and receiving. To operate simply turn the wireless unit on and talk, it’s that simple. Digicom’s unique digital format allows coaches to communicate without complicated base stations, repeaters or interconnecting stadium cables.

How It Works

ClearLine™ transforms voice into 1s and 0s, the digital language of computers.

ClearLine is a voice communications microprocessor converts transforms transmissions into digital data stream. This computerized stream of "data" is exchanged between coaches, Not Radio Waves. Incoming digital signals are simultaneously decoded and translated back into voice. This flow of digital information supplies an open line, simultaneous talking pattern. We assign each football team their own unique digital code that is different from any other in Australia. (256,000 codes available)

No ACMA Licence Required

Since Digicom wireless transmits a digital code instead of radio waves, you don't need an Australian Communications and Media Authority license.


Headset Features

Slimline Single
Slimline Double
  • Rugged spring steel headband
  • Low profile comfortable fit
  • Wide, soft ear cushions
  • Fully adjustable gooseneck mic boom
  • Noise electret of dynamic microphone
Headset Features Headset Features

For applications that require both comfort and durability the Slimline is the perfect headset to accompany your sports communications device. The Slimline features an internal spring steel headband that can be adjusted to provide comfort for each individual user. Extra soft headband pads and ear-cushions also ensure that the headsets not only fit snug, but are a pleasure to wear.

For further information on our sports communication packages please contact our Sales Division so one of our qualified can guide you through the options available.


  • Coaches Can Talk Simultaneously.
  • Full Duplex. Open Line of Communication
  • NO buttons to Push – NOT Voice Activated.
  • Scrambled Digital Signals CANNOT be scanned
  • 256,000 channels installed
  • Noise Headsets


Two Coach Set
ONE press box and ONE sideline coach.
Two Coach + Runner Set
ONE press box and TWO sideline coaches.

  • 2 Digicom Radios.
  • 2 Slimline (Single) Headsets.
  • 1 Deluxe Padded Carry Case.
  • 1 Sideline belt.
  • Rechargeable batteries and wall charger.
  • Price $3605.00 (Inc. GST).
  • 3 Digicom Radios.
  • 3 Slimline (Single) Headsets.
  • 1 Deluxe Padded Carry Case.
  • 12 Sideline belts.
  • Rechargeable batteries and wall charger.
  • Price $5508.00 (Inc. GST).

Driver Helmet Kit

Proline helmet kits allow drivers to communicate clearly with their pit crews. Each helmet kit includes state of the art electronic components including a noise cancelling microphone, miniature receiver assembly, wheel mounted push to talk and interconnecting wiring harness. These specialty components can be permanently installed inside the racers helmet and car. NASCAR style connections allow the driver to disconnect from the system instantly. The helmet kits can be installed in either open or closed faced helmets.

Driver Helmet Two Way Radio Kit


For more information regarding race control systems please contact out Sales Division.