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Transcrypt - Secure Radio Encryption

Secure radio encryption for your two way radio communications from unwanted listeners is essential, not only for Government, Military and Emergency Services but also provides privacy solutions to the public safety and commercial sectors. Transcrypt, who set the standard for communication privacy in over 10,000 radio systems in over 120 countries, offer many different levels of secure radio encryption for more than 2,700 makes and models of two way radios. Check here to see if Transcrypts secure radio encryption solutions are compatible with your radios.

If you are interested in becoming a Transcrypt Dealer, please contact us, for more details.

Some users of Trasncrypt's secure encryption technology include: -

  • New York Police Department
  • Polish Border Guard
  • Ministry of the Interior, Egypt
  • Indian, Brazilian and Colombian Armies
  • Various US Airports
  • German, Portugal and Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Thousands of others, many too confidential to discuss!

From a basic fixed inversion scrambler to 128 bit digital encryption, Transcrypt provides you with various levels of radio encryption technology, to protect your radio communications from even the most aggressive of adversaries.

Secure radio encryption for communication privacy is essential and used world wide buy Government, the military, national police, commercially and for public safety. The range of communication privacy provided by secure radio encryption includes privacy from criminals, terrorists and media to name a few.

Level 400 Scramblers

  • The 400 Series scrambler uses fixed inversion
  • Offers signalling and OTAR capabilities in clear mode
  • Outstanding voice quality

Level 416 Scramblers

  • The 416 Series scrambler uses the hopping inversion method of scrambling changing scrambling frequency once every second
  • Upgradeable to the 430 or 460 level of security
  • Offers signalling and OTAR in clear or coded mode

Level 430 Scramblers

  • The 430 Series scrambler uses a hybrid sweep/hop technology changing the inversion up to 300 times per second.
  • Immune to fixed inversion attacks
  • Offers signalling and OTAR capabilities while the radio is in the field and operational

Level 460 Scramblers

  • The 460 Series scrambler uses a hybrid sweep/hop technology changing the inversion up to 1000 times per second
  • Proven success in the field with military and first responder operations
  • The 460 is robust with features and offers signalling and OTAR capabilities in clear and coded modes

DES Scramblers

  • The DES Series scrambler uses a DES algorithm to scramble the analogue signal changing scrambling frequency up to 2,400 times per second
  • Compatible with OTAR and offers a full range of signalling capabilities
  • Maximum level of privacy and superior level of audio quality


  • The VoSec Series uses 128 crypto-Key by digitizing voice and data
  • Ideal for applications where privacy is absolutely critical to sensitive tactical operations
  • Ideal for government, military and police use
  • Has a mode that can communicate with existing levels 400, 416, 430, and 460 Series scramblers

What is OTAR?

Over-The-Air-Reprogramming (OTAR) allows you to change the operating parameters of the scrambler by remote commands, even when the radios are in the field and operational. You can protect the integrity of your system if any radio is ever lost or stolen, by remotely disable the radio using the stun feature, which prevents the radio from transmitting or receiving any messages.

The compact controller connects your radio system to a personal computer, enabling you to manage an entire fleet of up to 61,440 radio IDs from a single keyboard, and is suitable for all types of radio systems.

How OTAR Works

Over-The-Air-Reprogramming (OTAR)

The following is an example of the 416 Series Scrambler:


For other scrambled versions please see below:

Corporate Communication Services Pty Ltd can help you with all of your secure radio encryption requirements from taking you through our product range, to testing, to installation and beyond. Please contact one of our experts in our sales division if you require any further information.